Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mini Stocking Cap Ornament

I was pleasantly surprised when my niece gave me an ornament for each of my girls for an early Christmas present! It was a mini stocking cap ornament! I about fell over with excitement! After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I asked her how she made it. She told me it was super easy and fast to do! (My kind of craft!) She told me on a whim, so I experimented at home and figured out a few things and I am now going to share how to make these adorable ornaments!

Here are the supplies you will need:

-1 cardboard toilet paper roll
-Yarn, any color, you can use more than one color if you choose to!

I got all my tools and supplies together!
 I cut the toilet paper roll into 1 1/4 inch pieces. Although you can make them as short as 1 inch. This gave me three bases for the hats.
I then cut the yarn into about 50 pieces of yarn measured 12 inches long. Take one piece of string and fold it in half.
 Turn the roll on it's side and put the string through the middle.
 Pick up the yarn. (in order to take the picture, I had to hold it with one hand, but you should hold the string one each end with a different hand.) Left hand holding the yarn ends, right hand holding the loop end.
 Put the yarn ends through the loop side. It should look like this:
 Pull the two loose ends tight, making sure the loop end stays at the top on the left side.
  This is what it should look like:
After a few have been completed, this is what it should look like:
 This is what it should look like on the inside:
 As you make the loops and pull them tight, make sure to keep the yarn close together around the roll. This will help keep it looking uniform and neat. When you are done looping, this is what the ornament will look like:
My oldest daughter called this an octopus! :)
Another view, from the inside:
 Set the cap up, and grab all the yarn on the top. Start to twist it gently.
Push the yarn through the middle of the roll so that the yarn comes out the other side.
Looks like a cupcake! :)
This is what the bottom should look like now:
The lighting is a bit off, but you get the drift!
Then turn it over.
 Take a piece of yarn that measures about 24 inches and tie it around the very top of the yarn. Like this:
 Make sure to pull the yarn super tight, but don't break the yarn piece! Double knot the yarn. Trim the poof at the top so that it is rounded and uniform in length.
You can now decide on how long you want the string to be that will hang from your tree. You can make a tag for your ornament if you are giving it as a gift, otherwise you can just tie the loose ends together. That's it! Now you can hang your ornament from your tree and enjoy!
 Here is the ornament I just made next to one of the three my niece made! She put tags on hers so that each girl would know which one is theirs!
I hope this inspires you to make your own and maybe give one as a gift! These are perfect for a new baby! I just love them on my tree!

Happy Crafting!

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