Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Blog Design by {Happy Potamus Designs}

Noticed anything new around here?!

Yep! My blog has had a makeover! When I entered the craft blogging world, I stumbled upon a blog called Artsy-Fartsy Mama. I instantly fell in love with her recipes, projects, and more! When she got 1,000 followers on her blog in early January, she hosted a weeks worth of giveaways. The very first giveaway was from the Artsy-Fartsy Mama herself, Lindsay! She runs Happy Potamus Designs and the giveaway consisted of everything from a header, menu/sidebar titles, buttons, signature, to installation! I entered on a whim and a week later, I found out that I was the lucky winner!

Lindsay contacted me and took down all my info! With a month, she told me she'd have my design up for a preview! I was so, so excited! When I opened the site link, I jumped around my house for a good five minutes! I love, love, love, love, love, LOVE the design!

Every single thing is exactly how I imagined it, except BETTER! The paisley background, my three favorite colors (pink, green, and orange), my character, the little Tare Panda, the buttons, the fonts... everything is just as I asked!

If you are in need of a blog design, you need to go to Happy Potamus Designs! It will be worth the money! The next time I need my blog updated, she'll be the one to do it!

Lindsay, Thank you so much! Once again, I'm going to tell you just how amazing and talented you are! I know you're a wife, mother, friend, and more, and that you have a lot of demands on your time, but I want to thank you for the time you spent on my design! I appreciate it very much! You're simply the best!

Take a look around and if you have any comments for Lindsay, you can leave them here or contact her!

Happy Designing!

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  1. It looks REALLY good :) Congratulations - great win!