Monday, April 2, 2012

St. Patrick's Day 2012

Our family celebrated St. Patrick's Day morning by eating Green Pancakes! Simple to make and a lot of fun to eat! I make a ton of green hearts and put them together to make a 3-leaf or 4-leaf clover! My girls wanted the 4-leaf clover!

They dove right in and enjoyed each pancake! I made eggs and bacon on the side, but my girls were too impatient to wait for them before eating their pancakes!

I started the corned beef in the afternoon and by supper time, the house smelled amazing! I loved corned beef and cabbage! We made it with the cabbage and potatoes, but we left out the carrots this year. Next year, we are including them!

Although I didn't do anything very fun or creative, I found some fun ideas on Pinterest and I am looking forward to doing them next year!

I handed out the fun snacks I made to my niece and nephews and they LOVED them! (Found here)

I've been absent lately because I've been suffering from postpartum depression. It's made wanting to craft and create hard for me to do. I feel overwhelmed as it is, but after a few doctor visits, I am feeling better and looking forward to some fun Easter stuff for my girls!

Happy Cooking/Creating/Crafting!

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