Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Caitlin's Tinkerbell Party

My oldest daughter turned four in March and she wanted her party to be a Tinkerbell theme! I made her invite using some free digital scrapbooking kits I found online! This was the final design:

I had a lot of fun searching Pinterest for party ideas! There were SO many elaborate parties, cakes, games, and more. I decided to keep her party simple because our family is huge and the weather was going to be rainy on the day of her party. In finding cakes, Caitlin told me she like this cake. I set out to make it on my own and came up with this:

It was really simple to make! I used my Wilton Dress Cake Mold for the cake, frosting to cover the cake, and marshmallow fondant for the leaves. The leaves were pressed into the Wilton Nature Fondant and Gum Paste Mold I bought from Walmart.

It got my frosting and fondant ready to go! I sprinkled the leaf mold with cornstarch

I frosted the cake with a thin layer of frosting.

Next, I wrapped Caitlin's Tinkerbell doll with plastic wrap and pushed her gently into the center of the cake. I had to dig out some of the cake as I went because it was putting a lot of pressure around the base of the cake. I just went by sight! You can see in the picture below that her feet started to pop out of the base of the cake! (With the Belle cake I made, I used the doll pick that came with my cake mold, but Tinkerbell's body is a lot smaller than the doll pick, so I had to use the Tinkerbell instead!) I didn't fix the cake at the base because it was about to be covered with leaves!

I got a small amount of fondant and pressed it into the largest leaf mold and made sure there wasn't any extra fondant around the edges. I gently pressed the leaf onto the base of the cake. I did the front of the cake first, so that if I had to squeeze some leaves in to complete the row, it wouldn't be noticeable in pictures! I continued this process until I had completed the entire bottom row.

As I started the second row, the thin layer of frosting started to dry, so I took a small amount of frosting and spread it where the next row of leaves would go. I staggered the leaves as I went so that the dress would look fuller! I worked my way up!

When I thought I had finished the cake, I took some fondant and pressed it into the mold with the consecutive leaves to make a small belt around her waist to cover the part of the cake where it met Tinkerbell's body. This is the photo I took:

After staring at it, I decided that I wanted to make the top part of her dress with fondant to make the color better! Having the cake with the two different green tones was not working for me! So I pressed more fondant into the continuous leaf mold and pressed them onto Tink's top. The outcome was MUCH better!

As soon as I knew it was finished, I called the birthday girl in to see her cake! She started jumping up and down with excitement! But when I asked her to sit down for a photo, she got mad at me and wouldn't smile!

Along with the cake, I made white cupcakes. I frosted them with what was left over from the cake (it turned out be not enough, but I made it work!) and put a purple fondant flower on top of each! I had colored a section of the marshmallow fondant purple for this reason! I pressed a small amount into the largest flower mold and placed one on top of each cupcake!

Wilton's 3-Tier Cupcake stand
For the party decorations, I kept them cheap and easy! I bought some plastic table covers, streamers, and balloons from Walmart and used them to make the decorations in the living room. I found an idea on Pinterest and made it work in my living room! Although I never used the streamers...

The last project I did was another idea I found on Pinterest! It has all of the Disney Fairies in Jars (idea here)! I looked online to find the small dolls, but they were CRAZY expensive! So I opted for a cheaper idea! I found some free Disney Fairy printable play-sets here and used them for the jars! I was going to do five jars, but when I showed them to Caitlin, she said that Periwinkle was missing! So I had to print out the Secret Wings play-set  too! I placed the fairy cut-outs in their own mason jar and forgot to put the lids on top! But no one cared! They thought they were all cute!

Iridessa, Fawn, and Silvermist
Rosetta, Periwinkle, and Tinkerbell

I set out the finger food (except the bananas for the fruit tray) and snapped some photos before I let people start eating!

Silvermist and Rosetta made the birthday girl a sign!
Caitlin had a wonderful party and just loved all of the little things I did for her! The dress cake was a big hit with the kids! They picked of each leaf one by one! I am so glad that I was able to make her day special!

Happy Digital Scrapbooking/Baking/Frosting/Molding/Creating,