About Me

I'm Carie!

I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, and Mormon! I have a crazy passion for all things crafty and colorful! I am an artist first, then a crafter. I know those two things to be very different, but they are both equally important to me and have made me who I am today!

I graduated High School in 2005 and studied Art Education at the University of Northern Iowa (Go Panthers) with a minor in Spanish Education, Theater, and Communications. (I was a busy girl...) Here are some artsy photos of me in my College days!
First Prize - UNI Homecoming 2005 - Go Wild
Sidewalk Chalk Mural for Hurricane Katrina - 2005
"You'll Know Me By My Eyebrow" - Photograph Art - 2006
I left UNI in 2007 and met this wonderful guy, Charles. We started dating in May... he proposed in June... and we were married and sealed in the Nauvoo, Ill. temple that August!
August 11, 2007
We had a little over a year together before we welcomed our first baby into our life in March of 2009, Caitlin.  She was followed 14 months later in May of 2010 by our second daughter, Rosalie.  She was followed 16 months later in October of 2011 by our third daughter, Vivian. She was followed 33 months later in July of 2014 by our fourth daughter, Adeline. I am now pregnant with my fifth child due February 2016! We do not know our Baby's gender!
Rosalie, Vivian, Adeline, & Caitlin
Photo by Taycey Post Photography
So after all this time, I haven't really done any art work or crafts. I decided it was time to change that! But I wanted to document my projects and art as I go. So I decided to start this blog!

Although most days I am super busy chasing around my four energetic daughters, I can still find time to myself to let my creativity flow and paint or craft! This usually happens when my girls are at school, napping, or after they've gone down for the night!

Here are some fun facts about me!
-I love the Green Bay Packers, always have, always will!
-My favorite colors are orange, pink, and green!
-I love the Iowa Hawkeyes
-I love me some Skittles
-I am writing a book
-I love to cook and bake
-I joined the LDS Church when I was 18. Best. Decision. Ever.
-I am a tad OCD
-I love Pandas
-Team Peeta
-I'm a breastfeeding advocate
-My favorite video game of all time: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 
-I love the Care Bears. Cheer Bear is my favorite.
-I played Rugby in college
-I love Wicked, the Musical
-I love to read
-I love to cross stitch
-I am a fan of buffalo flavored anything.
-I have to wear eyeliner to go anywhere (even taking the trash to the curb)
-My favorite movie of all time: The Little Mermaid
-I LOVE circus peanuts! 
-I love starfish, seahorses, and shells.
-I am a half marathoner and a full marathoner!
-I am in love with Ryan Reynolds! (But not in a creepy-stalker-super-fan way.) 
-I love being a wife and mother
-I have amazing family and friends
-I have a blog about my adventures as a wife and mother! I am also keeping track of my weight-loss journey (I've lost over 70 pounds!)! Come see my Love Story!

Thank you for stopping by and reading about me. There is so much more to know, but I don't want to keep you from your craft time!

Happy Crafting!